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Carolina Rubia

Chronic Diseases, Pregnancy and Pediatrics, Women's Health, Eating Behavior and Weight Loss

Hello, my name is Carolina Rubia, I am nutritionist graduated at Centro Universitário São Camilo. Graduate degree in Chronic Diseases at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. I believe in nutrition as a treatment based on nutrition education and lifestyle change. Therefore, my attendance is a follow-up and not isolated appointments. Always discussing each strategy with the patient himself. Whether your goal is weight loss, care for women's health, pregnancy planning, healthy aging, treatment of chronic, gastric or intestinal diseases, pre and post surgery. I'm here to help you and facilitate your journey.

Face-to-face and online service.


Caio Latorre

Sports Nutrition, Performance, Bodybuilding and Weight Loss.

Hello, my name is Caio Latorre I am nutritionist graduated at Centro Universitário São Camilo. I've been training since I was 16. I have been an amateur bodybuilding athlete since 2016 in the men's physique category and since 2017 bodybuilding classic. I am SPFF champion of this category in 2017. I believe in the nutrition of real food, respecting the individuality of each one, as the basis for any sport and performance improvement. So I work with a follow-up in nutritional education aligned with a good exercise routine. Thus, my service is a follow-up and not isolated consultations, always discussing each strategy with you. Whether your goal is weight loss, esthetics or sports performance, preparing for a competition. I am here to assist you and facilitate your journey through nutrition and sports.

Face-to-face and online service.

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Monday to Friday: 9AM - 10PM
Saturday: 9AM - 4PM

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